Complete Solutions

Complete Solutions

Although UAVaid systems are available for purchase, along with the necessary training, we also provide a complete suite of turnkey solutions.  These services are ideal for customers who want to benefit from the advantages of UAV systems, including low capital and operating costs, but without the associated ownership and management issues.  This will allow you to focus on your core activities, leaving us to conduct all UAV operations and presenting you the results or outcomes you require.  Simple, easy, fast.

Whats Included in our Solution Packages

  • All equipment
  • Highly experienced staff
  • All operational and project management
  • All maintenance and servicing
  • Clear outputs to suit your requirements.


UAVaid is able to offer partnership and ‘white label’ frameworks for UAV services.  This is of particular benefit to businesses wishing to offer UAV services as part of their existing portfolio of activities, but who do not want to make the strategic capital investment in plant, equipment or personnel.

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Medical Deliveries

An opportunity of enormous significance, the ability to deliver on demand, direct to the point of use, critical pharmaceuticals has the potential to revolutionise the healthcare provision to millions of people and realise enormous supply chain efficiencies.

Optimised for remote and difficult to reach areas, this service is focused on regions where ground infrastructure is poor, non-existent or intermittent.

Aerial Infrastructure Surveys

Aerial UAV mapping, in highly detailed 3D, allows for extremely rapid initial surveys for large linear infrastructure projects such as;

  • Pipelines
  • Railway’s
  • Roads

The extremely high speed flight profile, photographics and computer processing, provides rapid and easy to understand results at significantly less time and lower cost than comparable methods.

Agriculture / Disaster Preparation Mapping

The long range capability and advanced sensors on the UAVaid platform, allows for large scale mapping of agricultural land or for disaster preparedness planning purposes.

This service is faster and at significantly lower cost than comparable services using manned-aircraft. 

Maps are available in 2D, 3D or photographics.