UAVaid, in collaboration with Archangel Imaging are today delighted to announce their award of a research grant from UKRI for Collaborative integration of AI and high endurance UAV for Automated Energy Infrastructure Monitoring.

The project will conduct research into the utilising Artificial Intelligence (machine learning) for real time image processing and analysis of the live video feed from the long range Hansard UAV, to provide an automated monitoring capability for linear infrastructure. UAVaid is the project Principal.

James Ronen, who is leading UAVaid’s engagement with this technical project said ‘ We are delighted to win this research grant from the prestigious UKRI, and in doing so strengthen our relationship with Archangel Imaging. The capabilities of the Hansard UAV make it an ideal platform for low cost / high endurance aerial surveillance. By developing an Artificial Intelligence image processing capability, integrated into the data stream, we will be able to automate the monitoring of large scale linear infrastructure with high reliability and low human resource footprint.’

The stable flight characteristics of the Hansard UAV provide an excellent platform for image acquisition with the nose mounted gimball camera. This data stream will then be processed using Archangel AI.

Archangel Imaging is a specialist in edge-deployable machine vision technology. They develop full solution stacks integrating edge AI cameras and algorithms, robots and IoT devices with mission management interfaces.

This project is funded by UKRI.