UAVaid Discusses Sierra Leone Delivery On BBC World Service

Daniel Ronen, UAVaid co-founder, recently gave an interview on BBC World Service about the Sierra Leone delivery project. The programme was Digital Planet, with the host and interviewer, Gareth Mitchel. The programme can be listened to here:...

Sifted: AI In The Sky

Sifted published an article about the UAVaid / Archangel AI collaboration to develop an AI integrated drone technology to support anti-poaching in the wildlife reserves of Africa and protect endangered species. The article can be found by clicking here...

Article in Focus Magazine – CILT

The Chartered Instituted of Logistics and Transport published an article about UAVaid and the Hansard project in the February edition of their Focus Magazine. Please click >here < for the article.

Aerosociety Blog Feature on UAVaid

TIM ROBINSON reports on a UK company pioneering an innovative concept for multirole humanitarian drones in Africa that has the potential to open up new areas to lifesaving services. Click here for the full article on the Aerosociety Blog.

AEROSPACE Magazine: Malawi DCA Presentation

November 2019, AEROSPACE Magazine, covering the presentation by Daniel Ronen MRAeS to Hastings Jailosi of the Malawi DCA, in recognition of the department’s support for UAV testing.