The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Croyden meeting on 13th February, hosted UAVAid co-founder Daniel Ronen, to give a talk on “UAV’s in Humanitarian Aid & Development”.

To an audience from both industry and academia, the evening included a general introduction to the different types of ‘drone’ and their respective limitations. Also introduced was an overview of the Hansard UAV and how this type of technology can be best applied in the developing world.

IMechE Croyden event organiser, Malcolm Saunders, said ” Daniel gave an excellent presentation on the topic of “UAV’s in Humanitarian Aid & Development”. He explained how UAVAid had developed drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to meet the needs of Third World countries. The audience were enthralled to hear of the capability and versatility of this drone and how it had been developed over a relatively short period of time.”

“It was a pleasure to support the Institution this evening.” said Daniel Ronen, “We welcome all opportunities to engage with stakeholders and help ensure the responsible application of this emerging technology.”