UAVaid Gives Special Lecture at IMechE HQ, London

Tuesday 19th November, UAVaid co-founder, Daniel Ronen, presented a special lecture at the HQ of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) on Latest Developments in Humanitarian Multi-Purpose Drones: Soaring To New Heights In Malawi. The talk was based on the...

AEROSPACE Magazine: Malawi DCA Presentation

November 2019, AEROSPACE Magazine, covering the presentation by Daniel Ronen MRAeS to Hastings Jailosi of the Malawi DCA, in recognition of the department’s support for UAV testing.

UAVaid Contributes To UPDWG Malawi Webinar

On Wednesday, May 22nd, UAVAid joined a UPDWG round table webinar to discuss the technical and logistical challenges encountered during UAV test flights in Malawi. The objectives of the session were to;1: Share knowledge gained from past deployments to help future...

UAVaid Deploys To Malawi

UAVAid trial in Malawi. Kasungu. Demonstration of poor fuel supply from local suppliers.