As part of a FTL/DFID project in Africa, UAVaid successfully integrated the Hansard UAV into the medical supply chain for deliveries to a remote clinic in western Malawi. Using its parachute-delivery system, the drone delivered over 5kg of needed medical supplies (including Malaria medicines and ORS) from Kasungu to the Lifupa Health Outpost in the Kasungu National Park, replacing the normal delivery/logistics methods. This was he first UAV parachute-cargo delivery ever to be successfully completed in Malawi.

The Hansard UAV releasing the delivery cannister

Key achievements:

  • UAVaid drone and team successfully deployed and operational in remote area of Malawi.
  • Integration of the Hansard UAV into the Malawi medical supply chain, replacing unreliable existing transportation methods..
  • Medical delivery to remote clinic at BVLOS range.
  • Medicines delivered: Malaria, ORS, IV fluids
  • First EVER UAV parachute delivery in Malawi.

A full write-up of this story can be found in the pdf below;


The Lifupa Outpost health workers with the 5kg UAV-delivered-package of Malaria tablets, IV fluid and ORS.

The delivery was part of a FTL / DFID evaluation of the multi-purpose Hansard UAV for development and humanitarian applications. The programme was facilitated locally by UNICEF Malawi. The overall programme successfully tested the various functions and reconfigurability in-the-field of the Hansard, integrating it into multiple public services during the deployment, including anti-poaching and mapping.