In the readiness buildup to an upcoming deployment to Malawi, as part of a UK Government DFID Pilot Programme Contract, UAVAid was delighted to host members of the Frontier Technology Livestreaming (FTL) team for a live demonstration of the Hansard system. The demonstration took place at a UAV flight test facility in Spain.

With multiple flights taking place throughout the day, a wide range of the systems’ functions were shown off, including package delivery, mapping (high resolution photography) and live aerial streaming video.

The Hansard UAV aircraft with UAVAid co-founders James Ronen (far left) and Daniel Ronen (far right), together with representatives from FTL.
The Hansard UAV on landing approach having completed a demonstration mapping flight.
An example of the mapping unit photographic output, taken live on the day. The very high resolution (px/cm) is demonstrated by the clarity of the people when the image is zoomed in (inset).