LONDON.  UAVAid co-founder, Daniel Ronen, met with His Excellency Evan P.Garcia, Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines, to discuss project HANSARD and the role UAV’s are able to play in future humanitarian response actions, such as that following typhoons, and support economic development accross dispersed populations.

Due to the topographic nature of the Philippines, which is comprised of over 7,500 islands, low cost aerial robotics are seen to represent significant opportunities for improving  the econimic development and public health provision of communities in these areas.  UAVAid was delighted to have the opportunity to brief His Excellency on recent developments in humanitarian UAV technology, and discuss the growing range of applications where UAV’s are able to offer significant benefits over existing methods.


Co-founder Daniel Ronen with HE Evan Garcia, discussing the UAVAid system, together with a 3D printed model of the UAVAid aircraft.