Kasungu, November 2018

During the recent visit to Malawi for UAV testing at the UNICEF drone corridor, co-founders Daniel Ronen and James Ronen made donations, on behalf of UAVAid, of a range of goods to support education and childhood welfare in the local Kasungu community.

With 50% of the population living below the poverty line, Malawi is widely recognised as one of the poorest countries in the world (IMF 2017).  It suffers from low indexes of education, health and life expectancy and is a priority country for aid from the UK.

“With such high levels of poverty and having the opportunity to help the local communities directly, we felt it important to leave an additional positive legacy from our time in Malawi” said Daniel Ronen, “accordingly, we brought a range of educational goods with us from the UK for distribution in the Kasungu region.”

Daniel presented the items to the Deputy Principal of the Kasungu Teacher Training College, for distribution to the children in the adjoining primary school, before being honoured with a request to sign the visitors book.

Daniel Ronen presenting stationary to the college’s Deputy Principal for distribution to the local primary school.

Signing the visitors book


With the help of a local UNICEF representative, James Ronen organised a donation of sporting and educational goods to a local orphanage in Malawi.  “We are grateful for the assistance in the distribution of these items to some of those most in need of them.” said James Ronen, “It is our hope that they will help support education and bring enjoyment to the children.”