UAVaid co-founder, Daniel Ronen, visited Mill Hill County High School in North London to give two talks about the UAVaid project and the outcomes of the flight programme in Malawi 2019.

He spoke to two groups of students totalling 250 people, each for approximately 1 hour. The first session to 11-17 year old’s was highly interactive and engaged the group in an number of practical exercises to explain a range of issues faced in remote parts of the developing world and how drones can be used to overcome them. The second session was to 50 A-Level students and involved a more in depth discussion about both the contextual and technical aspects of the project.

Daniel Ronen said ‘I was delighted to be able to spend time at the school and share with the students some of the key elements of the drone programme and how innovation can be used to help those less fortunate. The students really engaged with the sessions, asked lots of questions and I thank the staff for their support in making the event possible.’

Daniel gave two talk talks about innovation being used to help the disadvantaged, to 250 students at this state school in North London

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