UAVaid Supporting Public Engagement

UAVaid: Frontier Tech Talk – Embedding in Existing Systems

Daniel Ronen of UAVaid was invited to be the September guest speaker for the Frontier Tech Talks webinar series, on the topic of Embedding In Existing Systems. The talk was aimed at sharing the lessons learned from UAVaid's experiences in drone operations in Malawi,...

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UAVaid Presents New Drone Business Model at UNICEF Malawi

2 August 2019, UAVaid co-founder Daniel Ronen presented a new lecture "How Multi-Role Drones are Enabling an Evolution in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Business Models" to a mixed audience at UNICEF Malawi, in the capital, Lilongwe. Based on his 'multi-role drone...

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UAVaid Contributes To UPDWG Malawi Webinar

On Wednesday, May 22nd, UAVAid joined a UPDWG round table webinar to discuss the technical and logistical challenges encountered during UAV test flights in Malawi. The objectives of the session were to;1: Share knowledge gained from past deployments to help future...

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UAVaid Lecture at IMechE Croyden

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Croyden meeting on 13th February, hosted UAVAid co-founder Daniel Ronen, to give a talk on "UAV's in Humanitarian Aid & Development". To an...

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UAVaid at RAeS Young Persons Conference 2018

7th September 2018, London. Supporting the Royal Aeronautical Society Young Persons Conference 2018, UAVAid co-founder Daniel Ronen, today delivered a special presentation on UAV's in Humanitarian Aid and Development. Speaking to an audience of 100 students, graduates...

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