UAVaid Supporting Public Engagement

UAVaid Presents New Drone Business Model at UNICEF Malawi

2 August 2019, UAVaid co-founder Daniel Ronen presented a new lecture "How Multi-Role Drones are Enabling an Evolution in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Business Models" to a mixed audience at UNICEF Malawi, in the capital, Lilongwe. Based on his 'multi-role drone...

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UAVaid Contributes To UPDWG Malawi Webinar

On Wednesday, May 22nd, UAVAid joined a UPDWG round table webinar to discuss the technical and logistical challenges encountered during UAV test flights in Malawi. The objectives of the session were to;1: Share knowledge gained from past deployments to help future...

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UAVaid Lecture at IMechE Croyden

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Croyden meeting on 13th February, hosted UAVAid co-founder Daniel Ronen, to give a talk on "UAV's in Humanitarian Aid & Development". To an...

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UAVaid at RAeS Young Persons Conference 2018

7th September 2018, London. Supporting the Royal Aeronautical Society Young Persons Conference 2018, UAVAid co-founder Daniel Ronen, today delivered a special presentation on UAV's in Humanitarian Aid and Development. Speaking to an audience of 100 students, graduates...

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